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Making a Payment in Person at a Financial Institution or at an ATM

You can make a payment in person at a financial institution. Be sure to bring the original remittance slip that we mailed you.

You can also make your payment at an ATM if your financial institution offers this payment option.

  • If you do not have a remittance slip (because you lost it, for example), you can order one (TPZ-1026.0.1.M-V or TPZ-1026.0.1.Q-V) using the Ordering Forms and Publications online service or by contacting us.
  • The remittance slip printed using commercial software or the online payment services for filing consumption tax and source deductions and employer contributions returns, which are available in My Account for businesses, can only be used to make a payment by mail. A slip printed in this way cannot be used to make a payment at a financial institution or at an ATM.
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