Documents Tabled in the National Assembly

The administrative documents that Revenu Québec tables in the National Assembly or during the proceedings of a parliamentary committee are public. Note that most of them are available in French only.

Annual report

The annual report lists Revenu Québec's accomplishments and results versus its undertakings and goals for the year. It includes:

  • the financial statements;
  • the annual statement of the remission and reduction of duties, interest and penalties required under section 94 of the Tax Administration Act (CQLR, c. A-6.002) (TAA); and
  • the statistical summary of the waiver and cancellation of penalties, interest and charges under section 94.1 of the TAA.

For more information, see the Annual Report (ADM-500, in French only).

Implementation report — amendments to section of the Tax Administration Act brought about by chapter 10 of the laws of Québec 2013

Section of the TAA was amended to improve the government's efficiency in preventing and suppressing certain infractions. For more information, see the Report on the Implementation of Amendments to Section of the Tax Administration Act by Chapter 10 of the 2013 Laws of Québec (ADM-598, in French only).).

Action plans

The following actions plans set out how Revenu Québec proposes to meet its goals:

  • Action Plan (ADM-527, in French only)
  • Revised 2016–2020 Sustainable Development Action Plan (ADM-561, in French only)

Information file use plan and activity report

Revenu Québec is required to prepare and maintain a plan for using the information it obtains from other public bodies and to file an annual report on how the information was used. The plan and report must be submitted to the Commission d'accès à l'information du Québec then filed in the National Assembly. The most recently filed documents are available below:

  • Public Body Information Files: Plan for Use (ADM-583.1, in French only)
  • Activity Report: Action Plan Information File Compare/Match Results (ADM-506, in French only)

Three-year survey plan, annual survey report and opinion of the Commission d'accès à l'information

The following documents concern Revenu Québec's surveys of taxpayers' expectations and satisfaction in respect of the laws and programs it administers, during which Revenu Québec may need to use information in a tax record.

Three-year survey plan and related opinion

Annual report on surveys conducted under the three-year survey plan and related opinion

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