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Information for SRS Developers – Restaurant Sector (Cloud Solution)

Beginning in 2023, a new technological solution under the mandatory billing measures will be phased in for the restaurant sector (bars, restaurants and catering businesses).

This new solution will feature:

  • a certified sales recording system (SRS) that will collect transaction data and securely send it to a cloud environment;
  • a cloud environment, called the WEB-SRM, that will validate and store the data before securely sending it to us;
  • a computer system that integrates WEB-SRM data into our informational environment.

Most restaurant establishment operators will also have a receipt printer, which must be compatible with their SRS.


The WEB-SRM will replace the SRM. It is a cloud environment that will receive SRS transaction data. It will then validate and store the data before securely sending it to us.

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Certified SRS

To be used with the cloud solution, you must adapt your SRS to work with the WEB-SRM and have it certified by us.

To help you estimate the work required to make your product compatible with the WEB-SRM, see document SW-76-V, General Information for Adapting an SRS (Cloud Solution).

For the certification process, see Certification of Sales Recording Systems That Work With the WEB-SRM.

Server administrator

Under the mandatory billing measures in the restaurant sector, each administrator of a remote server (a centralized computer system) that communicates directly with the WEB-SRM must request an authorization code from us.

The code authorizes the remote server to communicate with the WEB-SRM and receive a digital certificate used to identify the owner of the private key or public key.

To obtain an authorization code:

  • use the online service that allows server administrators to manage a server authorization code in My Account for businesses; or
  • complete form FO-350.SD-V, Application to Obtain or Deactivate a Server Authorization Code.  
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