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Register as a Volunteer

To volunteer for the income tax assistance program, you must be affiliated with a participating organization and register by completing the electronic CRA form Volunteer registration.

You must enter the name of the community organization you will be affiliated with on the form. If you are not currently volunteering for an organization, mention this on the form. A program coordinator will contact you to help you find an organization in your area. 

  • Your registration as a volunteer is valid for one year. If you want to continue participating in the program, you must register every year by completing the online form.
  • We recommend that you register promptly—between the last week of October and December 31. This will allow you to complete the training and get EFILE and NetFile Québec numbers for the peak tax filing period, which is usually from the end of February to the beginning of May.
  • If you register at a different time of year, you may not be able to complete the training or get EFILE and NetFile Québec numbers in time for the peak period. However, although the need for volunteers is often lower outside of tax season, income tax preparation sessions are held year-round. A coordinator will help you find a participating organization that holds sessions in your area.

Make sure to review steps 2 and 3 in the How to register as a program volunteer section of the Become a Volunteer page before participating in the program.

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