Income Tax Assistance – Volunteer Program Statistics

Every year as part of the income tax assistance program, community organizations hold free federal and Québec income tax return preparation sessions, where volunteers complete tax returns for thousands of eligible individuals, so they can receive the benefits and tax credits they are entitled to.

See the volunteer program statistics for 2021 below.

Number of registered organizations and volunteers
Participants January 1 to December 31, 2021
Organizations 520
Volunteers 3,070
Volunteer program statistics from January 1 to December 31, 2021
Level of government People helped Returns filed Refunds, credits and benefits
Provincial 165,540 173,240 $226,548,0001See note 1.
Federal 147,870 154,230 $234,217,000
Total 165,5402See note 2. 327,470 $460,765,000
  1. Note 1 This amount is an estimate rather than an actual amount.
  2. Note 2 More than 165,540 people were able to receive the benefits and credits to which they were entitled. Of these, about 147,870 people used the service to file both their provincial and federal returns, and about 17,670 people used it to file their provincial returns only.

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