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Personalized Space for Organizations and Volunteers

We created a personalized space where you can quickly access all the information you need as an organization or volunteer under the Income Tax Assistance – Volunteer Program. Here, you can view program information and documents any time you need to. 

You must have a user code to access this space. You will receive the code in one of two ways:

  • If you are an organization, you will receive your user code by email (your program coordinator will send it to you following your registration, along with a user code that you can give to your volunteers).
  • If you are a volunteer, your user code will be sent to you by your affiliated organization.

To access the space, click the link below and enter the user code in the space provided.

Personalized Space for Organizations and Volunteers

Forgot or lost your user code?

Volunteers should contact their affiliated organization, while organizations should contact their program coordinator.

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