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Inform Us of the Date of Death

If you are the liquidator of the succession of a deceased person who, for example, received benefits under a social program or received support through Revenu Québec, inform us of the date of death as soon as possible in order to:  

  • stop or modify payments to avoid overpayments that must be repaid;
  • ensure that the spouse, if applicable, will continue to receive any advance payments of tax credits to which the deceased was entitled.

You must also inform us of the date of death if the deceased paid support payments through us. 


If the deceased did not receive any social benefits, you do not have to inform us of the date of death. However, you must send us information about the person acting as the liquidator of the succession right away.

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Tax credit payments

If you are the spouse (common-law or otherwise) of a deceased person who received the solidarity tax credit or advance payments of the tax credit for home-support services for seniors and you are entitled to these tax credits, you must be registered for direct deposit so that we can deposit the payments in your account.

NoteQuestionnaire for succession liquidators

The steps are not necessarily the same for all liquidators. Complete our questionnaire to see what steps you have to follow based on your situation. 

Complete the questionnaire for succession liquidators

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