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Request a Certificate Authorizing the Distribution of Succession Property

Before you can distribute the deceased's property (for example, real estate, a bank account or investments) or income earned by the succession after death (for example, investment or rental income), you must get an authorization certificate from us (regardless of the value of the property).

Note Important

You can pay urgent expenses before you receive the certificate, provided they do not exceed $12,000 and are related to the death (for example, funeral costs) or the succession's property (for example, the cost of electricity or heat, insurance premiums or urgent repairs).

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Requesting a certificate

You can request a certificate authorizing the distribution of property:

  • by mail using form MR-14.A-V, Notice Before Distribution of the Property of a Succession; or
  • using the service available in My Account for individuals (only if you are the sole representative dealing with us as the liquidator of the succession).

Helpful tips

Before filing your request, draw up an inventory of the deceased's assets and debts at the time of death as well as any debts resulting from the death.

Distribution types

You will also need to specify the type of distribution for which you are requesting a certificate. The options are:

  • distribution of the deceased's property;
  • distribution of the succession's post-death income;
  • distribution of the deceased's property and the succession's post-death income.
Note Important

If you select one type of distribution and then later want to carry out another type of distribution, you will have to file a new request to get a certificate authorizing another distribution.

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Certificate authorizing the partial distribution of property

Once we receive your request, we may issue you a certificate authorizing you to distribute only some of the deceased's property or the succession's post-death income. Once the deceased's file has been settled and fully audited, we will issue you another certificate authorizing you to distribute any remaining property or income.

NoteQuestionnaire for succession liquidators

The steps are not necessarily the same for all liquidators. Complete our questionnaire to see what steps you have to follow based on your situation. 

Complete the questionnaire for succession liquidators

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