Tax Credit for Childcare Expenses

The tax credit for childcare expenses is one of the tax measures intended for families. The tax credit rate is based on your family income, that is, your income and that of your spouse, where applicable.

To claim the tax credit, you must:

  • meet the eligibility requirements
  • file your income tax return and complete Schedule C

RL-24 slip

You are not required to submit your official information slip for childcare expenses (the RL-24 slip) or the receipts issued by the person who provided the childcare services. However, you must keep your information slips and receipts in case we ask for them.

If childcare expenses were paid to an individual who is not required to provide you with an RL-24 slip, the receipt that you must keep as a supporting document for the childcare expenses you incurred must bear that individual's social insurance number, address and signature. Also, if applicable, the individual's relationship to you must be stated on the document


Does your child no longer require childcare services? Use the new Change Advance Payment Information: Tax Credit for Childcare Expenses online service to inform us. To access this service, go to My Account for individuals.

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