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Product Validation

All our product developers must have the products they develop or adapt validated. The validation processes are different for each field of activity.

To have a product validated, you must be registered as a Revenu Québec partner and you must access My Account for partners to add the products that you intend to develop or adapt.

Validation process for each field of activity

Field of activity Validation process
Approval Authorization Certification
Consumption tax exemption for First Nations No No Yes
Corporation income tax No Yes Yes
Electronic payment transactions No No Yes
Integrated government services No No Yes
International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) No Yes No
Partnerships Yes Yes No
Personal income tax Yes Yes Yes
Québec education savings incentive (QESI) No No Yes
Registered charities Yes Yes No
Registraire des entreprises No No Yes
Remunerated passenger transportation No No Yes
Restaurant sector (hardware solution – SRM) No No Yes (Optional)
Restaurant sector (cloud solution – WEB-SRM) No No Yes (Mandatory)
RL slips and information slips No Yes Yes
Trust income tax No Yes No
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