Adding Resource People and Registering Your Products

Adding resource people

After you register as a product developer, you must name resource people. These are people who Revenu Québec can contact to ask questions or get information regarding validation requests.

How to add resource people

Enter your user code and password to access My Account for partners, then click Resource People and follow the steps.

After adding the name of a resource person, click Send a Message to request authentication for the person (the contact person can then be given a user code).

Give the reference number that you receive after submitting your authentication request to the resource person you just added. The resource person will receive an email that includes a user code and a series of characters. With this information, the resource person will be able to create a temporary password. The temporary password will be the last five digits of the reference number, followed by the series of characters in the email.
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Registering your products

After adding resource people, you must register your products. Note that you must add resource people before registering products, as we will ask you to select the resource people to be associated with each product you are registering.

How to register your products

Enter your user code and password to access My Account for partners, then click Products and follow the steps.

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