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Establishments Subject to the Tax on Lodging

Note important

This page does not take into account the changes to the tax on lodging announced on July 14, 2022, and in effect since September 1, 2022.

For more information, see information bulletin 2022-5 on the Ministère des Finances website.

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A sleeping-accommodation establishment is an establishment in which at least one accommodation unit meets the following conditions:

  • It is offered for rent to tourists, in return for payment, for a period not exceeding 31 days, on a regular basis in the same calendar year.
  • Its availability is made public.
Regular basis

We consider a unit to be offered for rent on a regular basis if the rental offer is:

  • habitual (continuous or frequent);
  • recurrent (repetitive);
  • constant (permanent or stable).

We also consider an accommodation unit to be offered for rent on a regular basis in the same calendar year if the following two conditions are met (regardless of whether the above conditions are met):

  • The accommodation unit is offered for rent through a digital accommodation platform.
  • The digital accomodation platform (Airbnb, for example) is operated by a person registered for the tax on lodging.
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Establishments subject to the tax

The following establishments are subject to the tax on lodging:

  • hotel establishments (hotels, motels or inns);
  • tourist homes (cottages, houses or furnished apartments, including those of which the operator is a tenant);
  • principal residence establishments (establishments that offer, following a single reservation, accommodation in the operator's principal residence for a single person or a single group of related persons at a time that does not include any meals served on the premises);
  • bed and breakfast establishments;
  • educational establishments;
  • camping establishments that offer ready-to-camp units (a structure installed on a platform, on wheels or directly on the ground that is provided with the equipment necessary to stay there, including self-catering kitchen facilities);
  • outfitting operations; and
  • certain other sleeping-accommodation establishments, such as rooming houses.
The establishment must be located in a Québec tourism region where the tax on lodging applies.

Assurez-vous que l'établissement visé est situé dans l'une des régions touristiques du Québec où la taxe sur l'hébergement s'applique.

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Rentals not subject to the tax

The tax on lodging does not apply to the rental of:

  • a camp site (for example, a site on which you pitch a tent or park a recreational vehicle);
  • an accommodation unit in a youth hostel or a resort;
  • an accommodation unit rented for six hours or less, or for more than 31 consecutive days; or
  • an accommodation unit rented on an occasional basis, such as:
    • once a year during a festival,
    • once a year during a period of absence, or
    • once a year during a school break.
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