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Bulk-Fuel Carriers and Manifests or Waybills

If you transport bulk fuel in Québec, you must have a manifest or waybill for each shipment.

This requirement does not apply to:

  • propane or natural gas
  • fuel transported by rail
  • coloured fuel oil transported in a tank with a capacity of 25,000 litres or less

You are liable to a fine if you do not comply with these requirements.

Required information

The manifest must be kept in each vehicle used for transporting fuel and must contain all of the following information:

  • a sequential number (for example, 0001);
  • the date on which the document was drawn up;
  • the name and address of the person responsible for drawing up the manifest and (if applicable) the number of the bulk-fuel carrier's permit held by the person;
  • where the carrier is a subcontractor, the name and address as well as, if applicable, the permit number of the person who gave out the contract;
  • the licence plate number of the vehicle used to transport the fuel;
  • the name and address of the dealer and the purchaser of the shipment;
  • the address at which the shipment is loaded, if the address is not the same as the dealer's address;
  • the date of loading and the number of the document issued by the dealer or the carrier, stating the quantity of fuel loaded;
  • the number of litres of fuel transported (by product type);
  • the address at which the shipment is unloaded, the date of unloading, and the number of litres of fuel (by product type) unloaded at each place;
  • the name and signature of the driver.

Inspection of fuel carried

A police officer or other person authorized by Revenu Québec may, at any place and at any reasonable time, stop a vehicle for inspection. This person can also:

  • require the driver to produce the manifest or waybill respecting the transportation of fuel
  • ask to see the copy of the bulk-fuel carrier's permit, where applicable
  • measure the capacity of the fuel tank
  • examine the fuel being transported or the fuel used to supply the engine, and take the necessary fuel samples

If the driver refuses to submit to the inspection or provide the documents requested, or if the driver has committed an offence, the officer or other authorized person may order that the vehicle not be moved until a judge makes a ruling with respect to the search or seizure of the vehicle.

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