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Fuel Tax Rates

Fuel tax rates vary based on the type of fuel and the region in which the retail outlet is located.

Regular rate

The regular rate applies to most regions.

Fuel typeTax per litre (regular rate)
Non-coloured fuel oil$0.2020
Aviation gasoline$0.0300
Blended diesel$0.2020
Locomotive fuel$0.0300
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or butane$0.1920
Pure ethanol$0.2020
Bunker fuel$0.2020
Pure biodiesel$0.2020

Increased or reduced rates

In certain regions, the fuel tax rate is increased or reduced.

Refer to the Table of Fuel Tax Rates in Québec, by Region (CA-1-V) to see the increased or reduced rates that apply to specific regions.

Refer to Different Fuel Tax Rates in Certain Regions for a table that shows the regions in which the increased and reduced rates apply.


Fuel that is sold on a reserve or in an Indian settlement to a registered Indian, a band, a band council or a tribal council may be tax-exempt.

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