New Residential Rental Property QST Rebate: Cooperative Housing Corporations and Lessors of Land

This form is for use by any cooperative housing corporation that is claiming a Québec sales tax (QST) rebate for new residential rental property. It is also for use by any lessor of land for residential purposes or of a site in a residential trailer park.

If the claimant is a person that has purchased, built or substantially renovated a new residential rental complex, made an addition to a multiple-unit residential complex or converted a complex into a residential rental complex, you must complete form VD-370.67-V, New Residential Rental Property QST Rebate.

You can submit a copy of the form that you've completed onscreen and saved on your computer using the online service for submitting consumption tax rebate applications, which is available in My Account for individualsMy Account for businesses, My Account for professional representatives or through clicSÉQUR express. It's quick, easy and environmentally friendly!

You can also use our online estimator to determine the fair market value of residential rental property or housing and to estimate your tax rebate.

To complete the form, save it to your computer and open it in Adobe Reader.

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2017-08 version

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