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Separation or Divorce

If you separate or divorce, you must contact us to inform us of your change in situation, as it will affect the advance payments of the tax credits you are entitiled to and the amounts paid under the social programs you benefit from.

Updating your information

My Account

If you separate or divorce, you must update your personal information in My Account for individuals. You must also update your address and direct deposit information in My Account if it has changed due to your new marital status. This will help us send any refunds you are entitled to without delay.

Income tax return

If you separate or divorce, you must specify this when filing your income tax return. You must state your situation on December 31, as one of the following:

  • you did not have a spouse;
  • you had a spouse.

If your marital status has changed since filing your last income tax return, you must also enter the date of the change.


If, on December 31, you and your spouse were separated because of the breakdown of your relationship and your separation lasted less than 90 days, you are considered to have had a spouse on December 31.

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Support payments

If you pay or receive support payments, see the following pages for more information:

Tax credits

To learn about the tax credits you may be entitled to if you are separating or getting a divorce, see:

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