Selling Your Property (House or Residential Complex)

If you sell your house or residential complex, you generally have to report a capital gain or loss on the sale.

In general, half (50%) of a capital gain on the sale of your house is taxable. However, a capital loss is not deductible.

For more information, see guide IN-120-V, Capital Gains and Losses.

Sale of your principal residence

Under certain conditions, you can designate all or part of the house or residential complex sold as your principal residence.

Designating a property as your principal residence allows you to avoid paying taxes on all or part of the capital gains.

This exemption will lessen your tax load and help you build wealth.

Note attention

To claim this tax exemption, you must complete form TP-274-V, Designation of Property as a Principal Residence, and include it with your income tax return for the year of sale.

If you do not send us this form, you are liable to a penalty of $100 per month, to a maximum of $5,000. 

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