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Calculating the Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors

The tax credit for home-support services for seniors is calculated based on your situation. The calculation takes into account where you live, your family situation, your level of independence and your family income.

Answer the four questions below to see how much you can get based on your situation. If none of the situations applies, contact us.

Question 1

Where do you live?

If none of these situations applies to you, contact us.
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Question 2

What is your family situation?

If you are in a couple but do not live with your significant other, or if you do live with them but they are under 70 years old, choose Single for this calculation.

Question 3

Are you or is your spouse (if applicable) a dependent senior?


A dependent senior is a person in either of the following situations:

  • They need constant help with their needs and personal care (washing, dressing and feeding themselves, and moving around inside the home).
  • They need constant supervision because of a severe and permanent mental disorder affecting thought activity (for example, Alzheimer's disease or dementia).

To confirm that you or your spouse (if applicable) is a dependent senior, you must provide written certification from a doctor or specialized nurse practitioner. You can use form TPZ-1029.MD.A-V, Certification of Dependent Senior Status – Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors.

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Question 4

Is your family income more than $61,725?

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