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Post-Production Development Allowance

Operators must deduct the post-production development allowance in calculating the annual earnings from each of their mines.

The maximum amount of the post-production development allowance for a fiscal year in respect of a mine is equal to the lesser of the following amounts:

Balance of cumulative post-production development expenses

In general, the balance of cumulative post-production development expenses in respect of a mine at the end of a fiscal year includes the total expenses incurred after March 30, 2010—other than those that the operator renounced under the Québec or Canadian flow-through share regime—in either:

  • sinking or excavating a mine shaft, main haulage way or similar underground work designed for continuing use, built or excavated after the mine came into production in reasonable commercial quantities; or
  • extending any such shaft, haulage way or work;


  • the amounts that the operator deducted in previous fiscal years as a post-production development allowance.
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