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Tax on the Pari-Mutuel

You must collect a tax, known as the tax on the pari-mutuel, on bets you receive under a pari-mutuel system during a race card held in Québec or elsewhere.

This 2.5% tax is calculated on the amount of the bet. You must remit the tax to us and file the Statement of Amounts Placed as Bets During a Race Card (form VD-539.A-V), or a facsimile thereof, no later than the last day of the calendar month that follows the month in which you received the bets placed under a pari-mutuel system during a race card.

You can make your remittance:

Date of receipt of a payment

The date of receipt of a payment is the date on which we or the financial institution receives it, whether the payment is made by mail or at a financial institution.

Administrative charges

You will have to pay administrative charges if you remit to Revenu Québec a cheque or other commercial paper that is subsequently refused by a financial institution because of insufficient funds in the account on which it is drawn.

The amount is considered due on the date the cheque or commercial paper is refused. Interest is calculated from that date and is added to your debt.

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