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The GST and QST are collected on a deposit only if the deposit is considered to constitute partial payment of the sale price of a good or service.

Forfeited deposits

If the customer forfeits the deposit by not purchasing the item or service, the GST and the QST are considered to be included in the deposit. To determine the GST to be collected and remitted on the forfeited amount, multiply the amount of the deposit by 5/105.

To determine the QST to be collected and remitted, multiply the total amount of the deposit by 9.975/109.975. Customers who are registrants can claim input tax credit (ITC) and an input tax refund (ITR) for the taxes deemed to have been paid on the forfeited deposit if they have the required information.


A customer pays a deposit of $50 to reserve a television set for purchase, but later decides not to buy the item. The deposit is therefore forfeited. We consider that you have collected GST and QST equal to 5/105 and 9.975/109.975, respectively, of the forfeited deposit. As a result, you must remit $2.38 in GST ($50 × 5/105) and $4.54 in QST ($50 × 9.975/109.975). If the customer is a registrant, an ITC of $2.38 and an ITR of $4.54 can be claimed in most cases.


The above rules do not apply to instalment payments. For the rule that applies, see When to Collect the GST and QST.

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Sale in a participating province

To determine the HST to be remitted on a forfeited deposit in a participating province, multiply the amount of the deposit by the fraction shown in the table below.

Tax fractions in provinces where the HST applies
Province Fraction
(since October 1, 2016)
New Brunswick 15/115
Newfoundland and Labrador 15/115
Nova Scotia 15/115
Ontario 13/113
Prince Edward Island 15/115
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