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Current Surveys

Revenu Québec's guiding principle is to maintain tax fairness in the interest of every taxpayer.

One of our top priorities is the constant improvement of our services. That is why we are making every effort to simplify our administration of the tax system and our programs based on your needs.

Surveys are a way of getting feedback from you which will help us improve the quality of our services.

To that end, you might receive an email asking you to complete a survey if you have been in contact with us recently about any of the topics below. Participation is entirely optional, but rest assured that you will remain anonymous and that any information you provide will remain confidential.

Feedback on the quality of our services and audit practices (businesses)

This survey, which is intended for businesses and their representatives, will help us:

  • collect our clientele's opinions of our auditing practices;
  • become familiar with our clientele and its expectations;
  • continue to improve the quality of the services we provide to businesses and their representatives.
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