Who Is Required to Make Instalment Payments?

As a farmer or fisher, you must make instalment payments if you estimate your net income tax for the current year will be more than $1,800 and your net income tax payable for each of the two preceeding years was more than $1,800.

Your net income tax payable is your income tax payable for the year, minus the total, for the same year, of the income tax withheld at source and your refundable tax credits. In calculating the net income tax payable, do not take into account:

  • the QST rebate for employees and partners
  • the property tax refund for forest producers
  • the amount included or deducted in the calculation of income (line 123 or 250 of the return), as applicable, for retirement income transferred from one spouse to the other
  • the transfer of income tax withheld from retirement income (line 451.1 or 451.3 of the return, as applicable)

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