Home Buyers' Tax Credit

You may be entitled to this tax credit if you were resident in Quebec on December 31, 2018 (or on the day in 2018 you ceased to be resident in Canada), and, in 2018, either:

  • you or your spouse bought a qualifying home for the first time and you intend to make it your principal residence (note that you are considered to have bought a home for the first time if neither you nor your spouse owned another housing unit in which you lived in 2018 or the previous four years); or
  • you bought a qualifying home and intend to make it the principal residence of someone related to you who has a disability. The residence must either:
    • be more accessible for the disabled person or set up to help the person be more mobile or functional, or
    • provide an environment better suited to the person's personal needs and care.

If you bought the home to make it the principal place of residence of a disabled person, it does not need to be your first home. If not, click Qualifying Home.

Amount of the credit

The maximum tax credit is $750 for a qualifying home. You can split the amount between everyone who is eligible to claim the credit for the same qualifying home.

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