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Additional Source Deductions of Income Tax (Forms TP-1017-V and TP-1015.3-V)

Individuals can request to have more income tax withheld from their income subject to source deductions of income tax. The additional amount of income tax is deducted for each pay period.

To make the request, individual must complete one of the following forms and submit it to you:

  • Request to Have Additional Income Tax Withheld at Source (form TP-1017-V); or
  • Source Deductions Return (form TP-1015.3-V).

You must withhold the additional amount until the individual submits a new copy of form TP-1017-V or TP-1015.3-V.


You must keep the TP-1015.3-V and TP-1017-V forms submitted to you and provide them to us on request.

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