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Security Required to Obtain a Permit – Tobacco Tax

To obtain a permit, you may be required to provide security.

This is the case if you are in one of the situations set forth in the Tax Administration Act. For example:

  • You were convicted of a fiscal offence in the five-year period preceding the date of your permit application.
  • You have a debt with Revenu Québec.
  • You did not file all of the required returns.

Security may also be required if we consider that, because of your financial situation, you cannot fulfill the financial obligations arising out of your business.

As a rule, we determine the value of security based on any amounts that a person is likely to collect in the six-month period following the date on which security is required.

However, the amount of security may also be based on the amounts, if any, that a person had to remit in the six-month period prior to the date on which security was required.

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