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Examples of Non-Compliance Reports

To help you make a thorough report, we created incomplete and complete examples of non-compliance reports that illustrate what types of information to send us.

Incomplete report

Alain Tremblay, who lives on rue Principale in Sainte-Ville, Québec, has a very high standard of living. He probably works in construction, because he leaves with tools every morning. I think he gets paid under the table since he always has a lot of cash. He drives a new luxury four-wheel drive, and I'm sure that he couldn't afford a car like that on his income.

This report does not include enough verifiable information. It does not provide specifics about the person, the facts, the amounts in question or the periods concerned. Without this information, it would be difficult for us to process the report.

Complete report

Alain Tremblay, who lives on rue Principale in Sainte-Ville, Québec, has received benefits from the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec for five years following a car accident. However, he works full-time in construction. For the past two years, he has worked for XYZ Construction, at 1380 rue du Fabre, in Saint-Voisin, and he's paid $800 a week under the table.

He also owns a renovation business. He advertises renovation services on his Facebook page, but I think he doesn't report any income.

Alain's date of birth is September 22, 1970, and he drives a black Dodge Ram 2500 truck with licence number F123456.

This report gives us the information necessary to accurately identify the person (name, address, date of birth and licence plate number). It also includes information on the nature of facts, the period concerned and the amounts in question. This type of report would help us conduct a thorough review and appropriate follow-up of the situation.
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