Employee whose duties are unrelated to the offer of money services

Any person employed by the money-services business who does not:

  • take part in any of the steps of a money-services transaction;
  • gather personal information on money-services customers;
  • identify or verify the identity of money-services customers;
  • have access to currencies, traveller's cheques, money orders, bank drafts or cheques;
  • supervise the activities of the money-services business or of another employee whose duties are related to the money services offered;
  • have access to the safety deposit boxes or other storage facilities of the money-services business;
  • have access to the accounts of the business held at the financial institutions with which the business deals;
  • deal with the lenders and co-contracting parties of the money-services business;
  • participate in accounting activities or administrative tasks;
  • help prepare the records and registers prescribed by the Money-Services Businesses Act and its regulations;
  • keep an automated teller machine (ATM) supplied with cash;
  • access the content and functions of an automated teller machine.

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