Step 1 – Register Your Tourist Accommodation Establishment

If you want to provide short-term accommodations, you must first register your tourist accommodation establishment with an organization recognized by the Ministère du Tourisme.

Tourist accommodation establishments are:

Municipal regulations

Some municipalities regulate short-term tourist accommodations in their jurisdictions. Find out about your municipality's rules beforehand.

End of note

New tourist accommodation obligations

Effective September 1, 2022, tourist accommodation operators no longer have to meet obligations respecting the classification certificate. Instead they must register their establishments and provide information on the accommodation offered and related activities and services.

If an operator had a valid classification certificate for their establishment on September 1, 2022, they have no new registration requirements to meet. The establishment is considered compliant.

For more information, see Hébergement touristique de courte durée (in French only) on the Qué website.

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