Information and Access Requests

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To see your personal or confidential information or view administrative documents, you can make an information request or an access request. Requests can be made by email, fax, mail or phone.

However, some documents and information cannot be accessed through either type of request. For more information, click Generally Available Documents and Information.

To find out which laws govern access to information and confidentiality at Revenu Québec, click Access to Information and Protection of Confidential Information.

Administrative documents

Before submitting a request to view an administrative document, click Documents and Information Subject to the Regulation Respecting the Distribution of Information. Included in that section are documents already released further to an access request, documents used for decision-making and information about contracts. Other administrative documents are also available in the Forms and Publications section.  

Information requests

You can request information and documents from our client services (for individuals or for businesses), from the person in charge of your file or from an employee who sent you a recent letter.

Use this type of request to obtain:

  • a copy of an income tax or consumption tax return, RL slip or power of attorney you filed (or any enclosed documents);
  • a copy of a document we sent you (such as a notice of assessment, determination, recovery or advance payments);
  • an account statement (detailed or not) or a statement of your balance due.

Processing time

Information requests are free. Your request will be processed as quickly as possible. To find out how to make one, click Making an Information Request.

Access requests

Access requests are more formal than information requests. They must be addressed to a designated person.

If your access request concerns personal or confidential information, it must be made in writing. If it concerns administrative documents, it can be made verbally.


While research and analysis work are free services, we may charge you fees for transcribing, reproducing or sending a document. If this is the case, we will let you know beforehand. The fees are set out in the Regulation respecting fees for the transcription, reproduction or transmission of documents or personal information (CQLR, c. A‑2.1, r. 3).

Processing time

We have up to 20 days to respond to an access request. However, the deadline can be extended by 10 days if needed.

To find out how to make a request, click Making an Access Request.


If we denied or failed to respond to your written access request, or if you are not satisfied with our response to your request, you can apply to the Commission d'accès à l'information du Québec for a review.


If you are entitled to a given document or information, you do not have to submit an access request to see it. You can simply make an information request. The process is similar for both types of request; only the rules surrounding them are different.

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