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SRM Sales, Activation and Installation

Only sales recording module (SRM) installers authorized by Revenu Québec can purchase new SRMs from Kyndryl Canada for resale to Québec restaurant establishments (bar, restaurant and catering establishments). The SRM acquisition process is explained to each new installer by a Kyndryl Canada employee.

The price that authorized installers must pay for each new SRM is set in an agreement that was entered into by the Québec government and Kyndryl Canada in May 2010. Click Acquisition of an SRM to see the products and services offered by Kyndryl Canada and their prices.

Authorized installers can sell SRMs to persons subject to mandatory billing according to their usual practices and billing policies. The price that installers charge restaurant establishment operators for an SRM is not set by the government.

Note that only authorized installers can install and activate new or used SRMs in Québec restaurant establishments, and that they must provide technical support for the SRMs they install.

SRM activation and installation

To work, SRMs must be activated and installed. As certain confidential information specific to the SRM user is required to activate an SRM, SRMs are activated in the restaurant establishment (bar, restaurant or catering establishment).

Installers must have a laptop on which the ActiMEV software (in French only) is installed in order to activate SRMs. Activating an SRM takes approximately 10 minutes depending on the internet connection.

Once an SRM is activated, it must be connected to the restaurant establishment's cash register or point-of-sale (POS) system and to a compatible receipt printer.

There are several steps to installing SRMs, including operational testing to verify that the SRM works properly. The average time for installing an SRM is 40 minutes.

See one of the following for a comprehensive overview of SRM activation and installation:

SRM warranty

The SRM is covered by a 5-year transferable warranty provided by the supplier, Kyndryl Canada. The warranty begins on the date the SRM is first activated. The warranty does not cover the work time and travel expenses charged by the installer to deactivate a defective SRM or to activate a replacement SRM.

Effective October 1, 2019, Kyndryl Canada will no longer repair first-generation SRMs that are not under warranty because a number of parts are outdated or unavailable.

If a first-generation SRM is still under warranty (serial number beginning with P10 or P11), it will continue to apply. SRMs with a serial number beginning with P14, P15, P16 or P18 can continue to be repaired, regardless of their warranty status.

To see when an SRM's warranty expires, go to http://mev.tracelogix.com and enter the model's serial number. 

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