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Automatic line feed
A function that moves the cursor or print head to the next line when a carriage return (CR) character is sensed in the text
Baud rate
Transfer rate in bits/s
Buffer capacity
Size of temporary storage in kilobytes
Carriage return
Carriage return refers to a command used to start a new line. However, it can be programmed to carry out a different function.
Code page
A page of codes specific to the language used
CTS (Clear To Send)
Signal sent by a printer indicating that it is ready to receive data
Cut mode
Type of paper cut
Data bits
Number of bits used to represent a character (7 or 8)
Dip switch
A toggle switch that enables the configuration of circuit boards
DSR (Data Set Ready)
Signal sent by a printer indicating that it is ready to receive instructions or data
DTR (Data Terminal Ready)
A signal that an SRM sends to a printer to indicate its presence
Electronic device
A device that operates on principles governing the behaviour of electronics, e.g., a printer
ESC/POS (Escape/Point of sale)
Communication protocol developed by Epson and used between a cash register and a printer
A resident program that controls electronic hardware
Manages data transmission (RTS/CTS and DTR/DSR)
A collection of physical devices
IEEE 1284
A parallel communication protocol standard that applies to the following five modes:
  • Standard Parallel Port (SPP);
  • Nibble Mode;
  • Byte Mode;
  • Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP);
  • Extended Capability Port (ECP).
Means of connection between software and hardware
Paper-low detect
Indicates that paper is running low
Data transmission method used to send data simultaneously over several channels (wires)
Parity check
A basic form of error detection when transmitting a byte, where an extra parity bit is reserved to calculate the parity result according to the option value (even or odd)
Print density
Controls how dark the printout should be
Resident character
Character sets stored on the device; also referred to as an internal character
A standard defining the type of cable used as communication bus. However, note that there are other standards, for example RS-485
RTS (Request To Send)
A signal sent by an SRM to a printer indicating that it is ready to send data
Data transmission method used to send data one bit after the other
A collection of computer programs and related data that provide instructions for computer hardware
SPP (Standard Parallel Port)
Common mode of parallel communication protocol
Thermal receipt
An image burned into thermal paper
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