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Non-Transactional Environments – Installers

As a sales recording module (SRM) installer authorized by Revenu Québec, you can obtain a demo SRM to create a non-transactional environment.

A non-transactional environment can be used to investigate problems occurring during the everyday use of the SRM, to carry out tests, to validate results and to train technicians.

To use a demo SRM, you must first:

  1. Send us form SW-53-V, Request for a Demo SRM, duly completed.
  2. Register for clicSÉQUR – Entreprises (the Québec government's authentication service), if you have a place of business in Québec.
  3. Follow the instructions in either:
    • the Guide to the Demo SRM: Models AEC 6822 C3 1010 and AEC 6822 C3 1020 (IN-571-V);
    • the Guide to the Demo SRM for Partners: Model AEC 6822 C3 1030 (IN-571.1.6-V);

Once the demo SRM is functional, it can no longer be used in a restaurant establishment (bar, restaurant or catering establishment) to produce bills or the Sommaire périodique des ventes (periodic sales summary).

SRM warranty

The SRM is covered by a 5-year transferable warranty provided by the supplier, Kyndryl Canada. The warranty begins on the date the SRM is first used. The warranty does not cover the work time and travel expenses charged by the installer to uninstall a defective SRM or to install a replacement SRM.

  • Effective October 1, 2019, Kyndryl Canada will no longer repair first-generation SRMs that are not under warranty because a number of parts are outdated or unavailable.
  • If your first-generation SRM is still under warranty (serial number beginning with P10 or P11), it will continue to apply. SRMs with a serial number beginning with P14, P15, P16 or P18 will continue to be repaired, regardless of their warranty status. 
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