Filing Your Income Tax Return by Mail

Using our forms

You can use our forms to file your income tax return (including the schedules of the return and any other required forms). Send your completed return to one of the addresses below.

Québec City Revenu Québec
3800, rue de Marly
C. P. 25555, succursale Terminus
Québec (Québec)  G1X 4A5
Montréal Revenu Québec
C. P. 2500, succursale Place-Desjardins
Montréal (Québec)  H5B 1A3

Regardless of how you file your return, do not send us:

  • your RL slips;
  • your federal information slips (except those for income earned outside Québec); or
  • your receipts and other supporting documents (unless otherwise indicated).

However, you must keep them in case we ask for them.

Using software

If you use software authorized by Revenu Québec to complete your return and are mailing it along with the required schedules and forms, make sure that:

  • you enclose forms TPF-1.U-V, Income Tax Return Data, and form TPF-1.W-V, Keying Summary for the Income Tax Return, as well as the following, as applicable:
    • form TPF-1.X-V, Keying Summary for the Schedules of the Income Tax Return and Forms TP-274-V, TP-1029.TM-V and TP-1029.9-V,
    • form TPF-1.Y-V, Keying Summary for Form TP-128-V, Form TP-80-V, and Form TP-80.1-V, and
    • form TPF-1.Z-V, Keying Summary for Forms TP-1029.RV-V, TP-1029.AE-V and TP-1029.RE-V;
  • you use white, letter-size paper;
  • the print quality is acceptable and forms are printed in portrait format;
  • the authorization number is shown in the upper right-hand corner of the forms.

If you do not comply with all of these requirements, we may send your return back without processing it.

For more information about filing a return completed using software, see Information for Software Users: Personal Income Tax Return (IN-413.A-V).

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