Filing Your Income Tax Return

You can file your return in either of the following two ways:

You can also use the services of a person accredited by Revenu Québec to file your return. Note that accredited persons who file more than 10 income tax returns for clients are required to file such returns online.


Do not send us the following documents:

  • your RL slips
  • your federal information slips, unless those slips are for income earned outside Québec and you are using our paper forms to file your return
  • your receipts or any other supporting documents, unless we specify otherwise

Note that you must keep all your slips and supporting documents in case we ask for them.

Advantages of filing your return online

When you file online, your return is processed faster because certain steps (such as mailing and manual processing) are eliminated. Also, you receive quick confirmation that your return has been received.

How long do we have to review your return?

When we receive your income tax return, we carry out a cursory review and send you a notice of assessment.

We generally have three years from the date of the notice of assessment to carry out a more in-depth review and, if necessary, issue a notice of reassessment (interest will be calculated on any balance owing at that time). You must keep all documents substantiating the information provided in your return (RL slips, information slips, receipts and supporting documents), as we may ask for them if such a review is carried out.

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