Filing RL Slips Using Software

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To file RL slips using software, you must use:

  • software authorized by Revenu Québec that you purchased; or
  • software you developed that meets our requirements. 

Software authorized by Revenu Québec that you purchased

To file RL slips, you can purchase software authorized by Revenu Québec. For each taxation year, the software developer must provide you with the following, as applicable:

  • a new authorization number (for example, FS9999999) that confirms that the RL slips filed using the software meet our requirements;
  • a new certification number (for example, RQ-99-99-999) that confirms that the software meets our requirements for online data transmission.

The software may be updated regularly, so make sure you are using the latest version before filing the RL slips.

For the list of software authorized by Revenu Québec, see Software Authorized for Producing and Filing RL-Slip Data.

Software you developed that meets our requirements

You can use software you developed to file RL slips. However, these slips must meet our requirements. For more information, consult the Partners section of our website. We do not give any financial compensation to persons who provide their own RL slips.

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