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Information Concerning RL Slips and Summaries Filed on Paper

The RL slips and summaries you file on paper using software, a fillable PDF or a paper form we provide must meet certain requirements to faciliate data acquisition.  

Entering data on RL slips and summaries

To find out what data you must enter in the boxes of each RL slip and, if applicable, the related summaries, see RL Slips.

Entering amounts

When entering amounts, never enter a dollar sign ($).

You can use either a comma or a period to separate whole-dollar amounts from cents. For example, $12,100.36 can be entered as 12100,36 or 12100.36.

If the amount to enter in an RL-slip box is greater than $9,999,999.99, break it down into smaller figures that do not exceed the character limit. File a separate RL slip for each of the figures. In this case, make sure the RL slips have different sequential numbers.

Entering additional information

If you need to provide additional information, you must enter a code in one of the blank boxes for this purpose and enter an amount or data next to the code (for example, A-1 − 1 400,68). If you need more blank boxes than are available on the RL slip, you must complete another slip. In this case, make sure the RL slips have different sequential numbers.

Printing RL slips and summaries

If you use software or fillable PDFs to file RL slips and summaries on paper, you must print these forms on white letter-sized paper (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm [8 1/2 in x 11 in]), in portrait orientation (vertical) only.

For each RL slip, you must print:

Authorization number

If you use software to prepare paper RL slips, the authorization number must be printed on copy 1 and copy 2 of all RL slips.

This number is in the lower right corner of the page, above the words “Relevé officiel – Revenu Québec.” It is composed of two letters and seven digits (for example, FS9999999). The number confirms that your software meets all our requirements.

Two-dimensional barcode

If you use software to prepare paper RL slips, a two-dimensional barcode must be printed on copy 1 of each RL-1, RL-2, RL-3, RL-15, RL-16, RL-24, RL-25 and RL-31 slip you file.

These barcodes contain all the information entered on the slips.

Why paper RL slips may be rejected

Although Revenu Québec accepts computer-generated RL slips, we may reject a slip if it does not meet our standards. The following are the most common reasons why RL slips are rejected:

  • The RL slip does not have an authorization number.
  • The RL slip does not meet our graphic standards.
  • The print quality is poor (illegible or shifted data).
  • The boxes on the RL slip are improperly identified.
  • The explanation of boxes and instructions is incorrect.
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