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Filing RL Slips and Summaries Using a Fillable PDF

RL slips and summaries must be filed in French. To file an RL slip or summary using a fillable PDF, click Formulaires et publications, select a slip or summary and click Document PDF remplissable à l'écran (fillable PDF document) at the bottom of the access page. After completing the slip or summary, you must print it and mail it to us. We also recommend that you save a copy of the PDF on your computer.

To view the English courtesy translation of an RL slip or summary, click Forms and Publications, select a slip or summary and click PDF Document at the bottom of the access page.

Fillable PDFs are available for the following RL slips and summaries:

  • RL-1, RL-2, RL-3, RL-5, RL-7, RL-8, RL-11, RL-13, RL-14, RL-15, RL-16, RL-18, RL-21, RL-22, RL-23, RL-24, RL-25 and RL-27 slips;
  • RL-1, RL-14 and RL-24 summaries.
More than 50 RL slips of the same type

If you file more than 50 RL slips (other than RL-13 slips) of the same type for a given taxation year, you cannot use this filing method. You must send them online. See Methods for Filing RL Slips and Summaries for more information.

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Filing and printing RL slips and summaries on paper

You must make sure that your RL slips and summaries meet all our requirements before filing them with us. See Information Concerning RL Slips and Summaries Filed on Paper for more information.

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