Methods for Filing RL Slips and Summaries

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RL slips and summaries must be filed with Revenu Québec by the deadlines prescribed by the Regulation respecting the Taxation Act. For information on sending RL slips and summaries, see Sending RL Slips and Summaries

Tax preparation services

You can ask a tax preparer (for example, a payroll service provider) to file the RL slips and summaries on your behalf. However, even if you have mandated a preparer to file these documents for you, you are not freed of your obligation to file them. If the preparer does not file them, you will have to.

RL slips

See the table below for the filing methods you can use depending on the type and number of RL slips you have to file.

If you file more than 50 slips of the same type (other than RL-13 slips), you must send them online.

RL slip filing methods
Fewer than 51 slips of the same type More than 50 slips of the same type
RL-1 slip
RL-2 slip
RL-3 slip
RL-5 slip
RL-7 slip
RL-8 slip
RL-11 slip
RL-14 slip
RL-15 slip
RL-16 slip
RL-18 slip
RL-21 slip
RL-24 slip
RL-25 slip
RL-27 slip
RL-6 slip
RL-10 slip
RL-22 slip
RL-26 slip
RL-29 slip
RL-13 slip
RL-23 slip
RL-31 slip


See the table below for the filing methods available.

RL summary filing methods
Filing methods
RL-1 summary
RL-14 summary
RL-24 summary

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