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Certified Sales Recording Systems That Communicate With the WEB-SRM – Restaurant Sector


The certified sales recording systems (SRSs) listed on this page communicate with the WEB-SRM, a cloud environment that is part of the new IT solution gradually being implemented in the restaurant sector since November 1, 2023.

They are the most recent certified versions available for the restaurant sector.

Note that SRSs that work with the physical SRM will stop being used in May 2025.

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Each certified SRS version listed on this page is compatible with the WEB-SRM. Once a version of an SRS has been certified for the restaurant sector, we allow subsequent versions of it to be used. However, the SRS must be recertified if certain changes are made to it. 

  • We cannot be held liable if the lists below contain errors or are incomplete.
  • Contact us if the product you are looking for is not listed below.
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Available certified versions

The SRSs in the list are commercial products. Restaurant establishment operators can use any of these SRSs to produce bills that comply with the mandatory billing measures in the restaurant sector.


A product's inclusion in the list of certified products in no way implies that we recommend it or assume any responsibility for it. Furthermore, certification of a product is not a guarantee of its performance. The developer is solely responsible for keeping its product compatible with the WEB-SRM. Use of the product and any omissions or mistakes when sending information to the WEB-SRM is your responsibility and that of the developer.

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List of certified commercial SRSs

Product name and version Product developer
Veloce (version 9.82.1) Paiements PayFacto inc. (Payfacto payments Inc.)
Veloce (version 9.82.0) Paiements PayFacto inc. (Payfacto payments Inc.)
Cluster POS (version 8897697 Canada Inc.(Cluster Systems)
Kumo POS (version 2.23.1) 9485-3850 Québec inc.
Colossale (version 1.0) Logiciels Colossale inc.
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