Administrative Streamlining for Businesses

As part of our ongoing work to reduce the administrative burden of businesses and professional representatives and simplify tax administration for them, we have set up an advisory committee on tax compliance. The committee provides a forum for dialogue between Revenu Québec executives and representatives from business groups and professional associations. Its goal is to make it easier for businesses to meet their tax obligations and to lower costs related to administrative formalities.

As a key player in the government's regulatory and administrative streamlining efforts, we carry out the following action plans:

We are also proud to say we have successfully implemented all the measures set out in the 2016–2018 regulatory and administrative streamlining plan for the business sector.

Making things easier for you

The actions below are part our ongoing efforts to help businesses and professional representatives understand their tax obligations and cut down on the administrative formalities required to meet them. We review these actions regularly in order to continually improve them.

Expert help — every step of the way

Assistance program

Our assistance program gives self-employed individuals and small and medium-sized businesses access to free help understanding their rights and tax obligations to make sure they get off on the right foot. Click Assistance Program to find out more.

Quality service by phone

Quality control

Our quality-control program ensures the quality and consistency of the answers given by our telephone representatives.

An audit process you can understand

Fair, honest and respectful tax audits

To make sure that tax laws are being followed, we regularly conduct tax audits. Our approach toward all of our tax audits is characterized by fairness, honesty and respect. In addition, we do not set quotas or pay bonuses to auditors (or any of our other employees) based on the amounts they recover. 

To help you understand what happens in a tax audit, watch the YouTube video La vérification fiscale expliquée (available in French only).

Meeting your obligations: easy as 1, 2, 3

Electronic signatures

To cut down on administrative formalities for businesses and professional representatives, some forms can be signed electronically. Click Electronic Signatures to find out more.

Extended powers of attorney

Powers of attorney are valid until you revoke them. No need to file a form every year.

Information at your fingertips

Notification list

Let the information come to you! Sign up for our notification lists to receive an email whenever we publish an article announcing a new tax measure or changes to an existing one.

Information about the GST/HST and QST

If you operate a business, you have access to your GST/HST and QST returns in My Account for businesses. Information regarding these taxes is also given in your account statement and in the overview of your obligations, which are available on the My Account homepage.

Social media

Stay connected and get the latest tax news by following us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Online services in tune with your needs

Tax obligation alerts

Tax obligation alerts will notify you a few days before your business has tax obligations to meet. For example, if your business is required to file a source deductions and employer contributions return, a corporation income tax return or a GST/HST and QST return, a reminder will be emailed to an address of your choosing. You can sign up for as many alerts as you need in My Account for businesses.

Registering a new business in just a few clicks

With just a few clicks, the Register a New Business online service gives you a simple and secure way to register for all our files, including consumption taxes, corporation income tax, source deductions and the clicSÉQUR – Entreprises authentication service.

However, if you also want to register your business with the Registraire des entreprises, we encourage you to use Entreprises Québec's Démarrer une entreprise service, which walks you through registering a new business with several Québec government departments and agencies.

My Account for businesses and My Account for professional representatives

My Account for businesses is a secure space that gives you a quick overview of your tax files and helps you easily meet your income tax, consumption taxes and source deductions obligations and view your returns. For more information on the online services for businesses, go to My Account for businesses.

My Account for professional representatives provides professional representatives with secure online services they can use to manage powers of attorney and authorizations, act on behalf of their clients, and consult and file returns.

For more information on the online services for professional representatives, go to My Account for professional representatives.

Online payment

Online payment — easier than ever

Use the online services in My Account for businesses to make a payment immediately after filing a return or get a payment code in My Account that you can use to pay later on your financial institution's website.

One mission. Concrete actions.

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