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Register of Unclaimed Property

The register of unclaimed property provides information on the unclaimed property remitted to the Minister of Revenue so that owners or right-holders can claim it.

You can consult the register free of charge to check whether:

  • you have rights to an unclaimed succession;
  • you own financial assets that have been left inactive in a financial institution in Québec;
  • you have a right to any other property administered by the Minister of Revenue.

Contact the Bank of Canada for any search concerning an unclaimed balance in an account in a financial institution or a deposit with a federally chartered trust corporation. The Minister of Revenue does not have jurisdiction over such property.

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Information in the register

The Regulation respecting the application of the Unclaimed Property Act provides for the publication of the following information concerning property or a succession:

  • the net value of the property or succession;
  • the date on which Revenu Québec began administering the property or succession;
  • the nature of the property; 
  • the identity and last known address of the deceased, the owner or another known right-holder;
  • the name and address of the debtor or holder that transferred the property to the Minister. 

No information is entered in the register if the amount of our fees, including applicable taxes, equals or exceeds the net value of the property or succession.

Any property or succession stays in the register for a period determined by the Regulation respecting the application of the Unclaimed Property Act.

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