Reporting Tips

If you work at an establishment covered by the measures respecting tips, you must report your tips in writing to your employer at the end of each pay period. This is true whether you receive tips directly (for example, as a waiter) or indirectly (for example, as a busser).

Your employer is obliged to accept your statement of tips and to take the full amount into account.

  • Tips are the exclusive property of the employee who receives them. If there is a tip-sharing arrangement, the tips belong to the employees concerned.
  • Your employer cannot require you to pay credit card costs.

How to report tips

Revenu Québec requires you to:

  • complete and sign the Register and Statement of Tips (TP-1019.4-V) or an equivalent document
  • give your statement of tips to your employer

Your signature certifies that the information you have provided is accurate. Keep your copy of the statement so that you have a record of the information your employer provides to Revenu Québec.

For more information, consult Register and Statement of Tips (TP-1019.4-V).

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