Déclaration de revenus des sociétés (English courtesy translation)

Form CO-17 must be completed by every corporation that is required to file a corporation income tax return for a taxation year because, during the course of the year,

  • it had an establishment in Québec at any time;
  • it was an insurance corporation that
    • exercised in Québec any right or power of a corporation,
    • pursued a social purpose in Québec,
    • owned any property in Québec, or
    • had an establishment in Québec;
  • it did not have an establishment in Québec and was not resident in Canada, but it disposed of taxable Québec property;
  • it was a party to either a contract of mandate or a contract of prête-nom; or
  • it was subject to the special tax referred to on line 425a or line 425b of the return.

Revenu Québec's language policy requires that French be the language of communication between corporations established in Québec and Revenu Québec.

To access the official French version of this document, click CO-17. The courtesy translation of this document, entitled Corporation Income Tax Return, is available below for information purposes only.

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2019-12 version

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