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Tax Evasion in the Tobacco Industry

$125 million in tax revenues are lost each year in the tobacco industry.

We have implemented measures to counter tax evasion in the tobacco industry to better control the manufacture, distribution, sale and consumption of tobacco products.

Legislative measures have been enacted regarding the sale of tobacco products, such as new controls on raw tobacco, increased fines, the addition of tax penalties, the establishment of new offences and the adoption of a system for identifying tobacco products.

Tighter control

To counter illegal tobacco sales, we have intensified tax control activities, investigations and inspections. In addition, concerted actions, as well as information and awareness campaigns have been undertaken, such as the creation of the ACCES tabac program and the campaign aimed at dealers of tobacco products.

We have also taken part in various committees on tobacco smuggling with government officials from Quebec, Canada, the territories and the United States.

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