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Annual Updating Declaration

Natural persons that operate sole proprietorships registered with the Registraire des entreprises must update their information annually under the Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises.

Sole proprietorships (individuals in business) eligible to file the income tax return and the annual updating declaration together may do so in one simple operation. If the information the Registraire des entreprises has on file about a business is correct, it is simply a matter of checking the appropriate box on the personal income tax return (form TP-1-V).

If any of the information is incorrect, it must be corrected using the Produire une déclaration de mise à jour annuelle online service, which is available on the Registraire des entreprises website. The online service can also be used to file an annual updating declaration even if there are no changes to be made.

For more information, contact the client services of the Registraire des entreprises.

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