Sleeping-Accommodation Establishment

A “sleeping-accommodation establishment” is an establishment in which at least one accommodation unit meets the following conditions:

  • it is offered for rent to touristsin return for payment, for a period not exceeding 31 days, on a regular basis in the same calendar year; and
  • its availability is made public.

Accommodation units rented through a digital accommodation platform are considered to be offered for rent on a regular basis in the same calendar year.

The establishments subject to the tax on lodging are:

  • hotel establishments (hotels, motels or inns);
  • tourist homes (cottages, houses or furnished apartments, including those of which the operator is a tenant);
  • bed and breakfast establishments;
  • educational establishments;
  • camping establishments that offer ready-to-camp units (a structure installed on a platform, on wheels or directly on the ground that is provided with the equipment necessary to stay there, including self-catering kitchen facilities);
  • outfitting establishments; and
  • certain other sleeping-accommodation establishments, such as rooming houses.

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