Deduction for Forestry Workers

If you are a salaried forestry worker, you can deduct certain expenses you incurred while using the following:

  • a chainsaw 
  • a brushcutter 
  • a snowmobile 
  • an all-terrain vehicle 
  • a motor vehicle

However, you must meet all of the following conditions:

  • Your employment contract requires that you pay the expenses incurred for the use of the tool or vehicle in your work. 
  • The expenses were not reimbursed to you and do not entitle you to a reimbursement.
QST rebate
If you deduct such expenses from your employment income, you may be entitled to a QST rebate.
End of note

For more information, see point 1 in the instructions for line 207 in the guide to the income tax return (TP-1.G-V) or refer to guide IN-118-V, Employment Expenses.

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