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Movable Property and Vehicles of a Deceased Tenant

If you are a landlord, you cannot dispose of the vehicles belonging to a deceased tenant or the movable property left in his or her dwelling as you see fit. You must comply with certain formalities that are prescribed by law. For a deceased tenant's movable property, you must contact the Tribunal administratif du logement to learn about your obligations and any recourse available to you.

Revenu Québec can only take action in a succession after having been informed of the renunciation of all the successors or, if there are no known successors, six months after the date of death. In such a case, a request to open a file for an unclaimed succession must be completed.

Once we are designated as the liquidator of the succession, we will take appropriate action with respect to the movable property. You can claim legitimate expenses from us. Subject to the funds available in the succession, such expenses will be reimbursed according to your rank (as set out in the Civil Code of Québec). To claim amounts owed to you, complete form BNZ-111-V, Proof of Claim.

Keep in mind that the liquidation of a succession is a long process and we can only commit to contacting the creditors that have submitted claims after we have completed the liquidation process.

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