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Remittance Incentive for Unclaimed Financial Assets

A new remittance incentive for unclaimed financial assets (UFAs) will be in effect for 18 months: from June 1, 2022, to November 30, 2023.

The objective of the incentive is to recover as many UFAs so that they can be returned to their owners or right-holders. The liquidated proceeds of any UFAs that remain unclaimed are paid into the Generations Funds to benefit all Quebecers.


If you hold UFAs that have not been remitted to us in accordance with the law and you meet the requirements below, you can take advantage of the incentive to remit them without any of the usual consequences:

  • we will waive the late-remittance interest (based on the value of the assets) that would otherwise apply; and
  • we will not institute legal proceedings against you or charge any fines.

For information about specific situations, click Details of the Remittance Incentive for Unclaimed Financial Assets. The explanations on that page will help eliminate some of the confusion that may have prevented holders of UFAs from remitting them in the past. 

Remitting UFAs under the incentive

If you meet all the requirements below, you can remit UFAs under the incentive. Complete form BD-81.5.A-V, Statement Concerning Unclaimed Property Remitted Under the Remittance Incentive: Unclaimed Financial Assets, and remit it with the UFAs.

Requirements that must be met

You must meet the following requirements to take advantage of the incentive:

  • The information provided in form BD-81.5.A-V is accurate and complete.
  • Revenu Québec has not instituted legal proceedings against you in application of the Unclaimed Property Act.
  • The assets you are remitting became unclaimed in fiscal years ending:
  • You remit all the UFAs and form BD-81.5.A-V by November 30, 2023.

How remittances are processed

We may ask you for more information or documents as we process your remittance to ensure that you can take advantage of the incentive. If we do, we will give you a deadline for submitting the information or documents. You may be unable to take advantage of the incentive if you fail to meet the deadline.

You can make more than one remittance while the incentive is in effect (for example, if you forgot to include UFAs in a previous remittance). However, we recommend that you remit all your UFAs at the same time.

After we receive your UFAs and form BD-85.1.A-V, we will inform you in writing of whether you can take advantage of the incentive.

Note Important

Regardless of whether your remittance is made under the incentive, all the information and documents that you submit (including form BD-85.1.A-V) are subject to audit.

End of note


If you have questions, contact us by secure email. Before you can do this, you will need to register for our secure messaging service. Email us at [email protected]. One of our employees will tell you how to register.  

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